Your Connection to God is Constant and Unconditional

If you’ve been around for awhile, you know how much I believe in having a solid morning ritual. All through high school I used to say that my daily happiness depended on six habits.

1. Good Sleep
2. Eating good food
3. Exercise
4. Prayer
5. Scripture Study
6. and Journaling.

If I was having a bad day, I’d run through my magic 6 and inevitably, I’d find something missing that was likely contributing to my bad mood or struggle. I still believe those six habits add a lot to my happiness, but I confess that sometimes, getting all of that in can take some time. Especially with young kids when time to myself felt scarce. I still needed my magic 6 habits, but it felt harder and harder to do my habits in the perfect way I wanted them to look and it felt like it took all day to make it happen. I joked with my close friends that it felt like a full time job just to take care of myself and get all my habits in so I felt happy and connected with God. When I laughingly mentioned this to my sister one day she called me out.

“Brooke. That’s a false belief.”


“You believe that it takes a long time to do those things. You believe it takes a long time to connect yourself to God. What if that simply wasn’t true?”

I was a bit stunned. She had grown up with me and seen me function this way for years. For her to just flat out tell me that I had a false belief of how long this takes was shocking to my brain. And yet, I confessed that she was probably right. It often took me a long time, simply because I believed it needed to.

Years later, I had an experience, in a moment of desperation because I had not done all those things perfectly, a voice came into my mind and whispered,

“Brooke, you can connect with me instantly.”

I sat there amazed. “What? I can?”

“Yes. Just choose to be connected. Right now.”

In a quiet three seconds I got present, took a deep breath, and gave myself permission to be connected with God. Yes, I could be connected even if I hadn’t done any of the things I had always believed were a pre-requisite for deserving that connection. I could just choose it, or dare I even say, I could just claim it as a birthright?

Your Connection to God is constant and unconditional.
Your Connection to God is constant and unconditional.
Your Connection to God is constant and unconditional.

See it.
Say it.
Feel it.
Do it.
Become it.

You are a creator, now go create something great.

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