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Co Creation

Tools and teaching to help you be consistent in the daily habits to co create your life with the Divine.

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Turn your phone into a tool for consistency and creation.

The Co Create App gives you access to 100+ Guided Meditations, new Yoga Classes and Inspirational Audio Courses that support you in living into your true identity as the creator of your life.

With the Co Create App, you'll have access to:

Guided meditations to help you connect with the Divine each day

Meditation helps create the calm, present focus that allows us to co create our lives with the Divine each day. Enjoy our ever growing library that currently has over 100+ guided mediations for you to choose from.

Yoga Classes and Flows to help you connect with yourself

Your physical body is your most powerful tool to co create the life you want to live, and as creators, one of our daily fundamentals is moving our bodies. Build the habit of movement with Yoga Classes and Flows that vary from 1 min to 20 minutes. Every effort counts.

Love More Weigh Less Course
(valued at $150)

Access the lessons and meditations that helped Brooke not only lose 60 pounds, but also helped improve her relationships, forgive others, and helped her genuinely love herself and her body. This audio course has 16 lessons and 16 guided meditations included.


40 Amazing Days Meditation Course (valued at $150)

Combine meditation principles and personal prayer into one powerful experience. This newly remastered 2.0 version of the 40-day challenge course is offered exclusively on the Co Create App and includes 26 audio lessons and 14 guided meditations.

The Creation Course
(valued at $500)

Become the deliberate creator of your own life as you learn creation principles to help you be more consistent with your habits and goals. This is our flagship personal transformation course used by all of our Certified Creation Coaches.

Habit Tracker

Eat, Move, Sleep, Breathe, Be Present, Be Grateful, Be Prosperous and Be Joyful are the fundamentals that help you become the deliberate creator of your own life. Keeping track of our progress is key to our success. The Co Create App allows you to track habits and set reminders to do these things!

Co Create Private Community Podcast

Experience continuous learning and growth with the Co Create private podcast offered exclusively in the App. Listen in each week to learn from Brooke Snow and other members of our community as they share how they use Creation Principles, Meditation and Yoga to Co Create their lives with the Divine.

Co Create Community Challenges

Transformation is even more powerful when it happens in community. As a member of the Co Create App community, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in regular challenges that support your consistent growth, as well as challenges that push you into inspirational growth spurts.

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Become the Co Creator of your Life

Begin to experience real transformation as you experience the science of the compound effect by using the app each day.

Live each day as the best version of yourself and co create your own life with the Co Create app!


$111 (2 Months Free)


The Co Create App is an all access pass to courses, yoga, community podcasts, live challenges, habit tracking, and more. All with a Creation Perspective.

The price of a subscription is Eleven dollars and eleven cents a month. And yes, that number has significance.

The number eleven is the number for creation and corresponds with spiritual alignment and enlightenment–which is exactly what we hope you experience while using the app.

I invite you to join us and help make this app a place that feels like your home base.

A place you feel love and support.
A place to learn and grow.
A place that supports you in becoming who you were created you to be.

You are a creator.
Let’s Co Create something great!

Brooke Snow
Founder of Co Create App and The Creation Coach School™