Mindfulness and Meditation

Courses and tools to help you become more mindful and present, transform your relationship prayers and transform your relationship with God.

The Miracle of Meditation

Transform your prayers for more presence, connection and revelation with this FREE mini course.

Christian Meditation Course

Learn meditation principles and practice that help you bring your personal prayer practice together with meditation into one powerful experience in this 40-day challenge and course.

Prayer Journal

Discover the practice and power of prayer journaling! We're honored to collaborate with Work and Wonder to bring you this journal + guide to conversing with the Lord.

Small Seed Still App

Each Month Brooke creates a brand new meditation that is featured on this App. You can use the code BROOKESNOW1 for 30 days free access to the entire library of meditations.

Learn to Co-Create Your Life with God

Courses and coaching help you internalize God’s pattern of creation so you can become more consistent in your habits and goals and learn to live into their true identity as the creator of your life.

Learn the Law of Creation

Learn how the Law of Creation Framework can help you build sustainable habits and intentionally create your life in this FREE six-part course.

The Creation Course

Become the deliberate creator of your own life as you learn principles that will help you be more consistent in your habits and goals and intentionally create your life.

Work with a Certified Creation Coach

Get personalized guidance from one of our Certified Creation Coaches. Each coach is trained and equipped to help you build the habits and accountability you need to live into your true identity as the creator of your life.

Interested in becoming a Certified Creation Coach? Click here to learn more.

Live Into Your True Identity

Inside all of us is our whole, perfect and worthy self. Learn to know and love the divine you God created you to be.

Love More, Weigh Less

Access the lessons and meditations that helped Brooke not only 60 pounds, but also helped improve her relationships, forgive others, and helped her genuinely love herself and my body.

Living in Your True Identity: Discover, Embrace, and Develop Your Own Divine Nature

Just as the tiny acorn seed contains the blueprint to grow into a mighty oak tree, you too have within you the seed of greatness. Filled with self-building exercises and tools, this empowering book will help you begin experiencing more of your life in the best way ever, as you!

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