You Are Good for People


“I realized that one of the reasons I’d been so isolated was because I’d subconsciously believed I wasn’t all that good for people.
It’s true what I’m saying. If our identity gets broken, it affects our ability to connect. And I wonder if we’re not all a lot better for each other than we previously thought. I know we’re not perfect, but I wonder how many people are withholding the love they could provide because they secretly believe they have fatal flaws.” -Donald Miller in Scary Close

Think of one person that you love to be with. They love you. You are comfortable in their presence. You feel accepted. Are they perfect?? You know they’re not! Which actually has a great deal to do with why you feel so comfortable with them! It is the authentic real deal side of ourselves, that when shared with others—brings true connection. Believe that you are good for people. Imperfections and flaws and all. #reallifebalance #droppingperfectionism

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