Holding on to the wrong things


Oddly enough, some of the wrong things that I have held onto, have showed up for me this week in my dreams. Like when I remembered what I thought was a random event at age 17 when some friends hurt me deeply and we were never friends again. Or when I recalled the rejection from a long ago boyfriend. Stuff that I haven’t thought of for years, yet it showed up and all the pain returned in the memories. I’m coming to learn that holding on to the wrong things, can simply be holding onto past painful experiences. Even if those experiences remain dormant for twenty years and randomly surface again, the fact that they surfaced at all means that they were never released to begin with. But the great news, is that when they do resurface, it’s like I get a second chance to let it go for good. It’s like a good spring cleaning for the soul. Cobwebs and all. #reallifebalance #letitgo

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