You are Enough


This crazy world of comparison can often make it hard to believe that who we are is already amazing. As I have studied the topic of identity this year, one of my most surprising discoveries for me has been in the realization that what we ‘do’ and what we ‘have’ is not our true identity. Yet often we live like it is. I can attach myself to any number of labels, roles, accomplishments, or praise, in order to feel important, but it’s still exterior to the real me. Sort of like decorating a Christmas tree. There may be any number of ornaments or trimmings (whether designer quality or scrappy homemade), and despite how it is adorned, it still doesn’t alter the identity of the tree. It’s a tree. Plain and simple.

Yet we humans take the simple stuff and make it far too complex. We try to find ourselves looking outside ourselves, too often questioning who we are and if we’re important enough and look good enough. But as soon as you take off the ornaments you find out who you really are. And it’s so much better and longer lasting and life giving than any trimmings can ever be. #reallifebalance #droppingperfection #deepthoughts

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