Get out of the Box

I have needed this quote several times in the last week. It beautifully illustrates that to live a peaceful and happy life, we need to be clear on principles, but have charity for ourselves and others on how those principles are practiced. Sometimes in our pursuit of living a principle we close ourselves into a box thinking that there is only one way to practice a certain principle. You can know this is happening if practicing the principle feels hard and discouraging. The amazing truth is, that there are so very many ways to practice a principle. Some principles I’m pursuing right now include: self care, faith, prayer, exercise, obtaining the word of God, letting go, and trust. When I remember that practicing those principles can look different in my life than in someone else’s and can even look different day to day in my own experiences, it brings so much more hope and freedom. #reallifebalance #wecantcompare #therearesomanywaystopracticegoodthings

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