When you feel like an impostor…


It’s official! Over the weekend we launched our new online school, Everybranch! The website is now live and our first three podcast episodes are now available as well!

It’s been over a year in the making. And I feel strangely calm and excited. In many ways I have no idea what I’m doing and feel like a total novice in this new industry.

I’m actually becoming surprisingly comfortable with the ever present truth that I’ll always feel like an impostor regardless of what I pursue.

I studied music for over twenty years and have two degrees and often felt like an impostor.
I gave myself a hack education in photography and made a career out of it and felt like an impostor.
This new venture I have no formal training in whatsoever, but I’m learning that it’s not going to help me feel more qualified anyway. It comes with the territory of putting yourself out there and pursuing what you feel like you were meant to pursue. Most everyone feels the nagging insecurity of knowing that there will always be people out there that are better at your craft than you are.

Do it anyway.

In that sense, I’m coming to believe that often the only qualifications you need are simply commitment, an openness to learn, and the gumption to keep trying to get better. Everyone starts somewhere.

The impostor syndrome often comes from the innate desire for approval.

And as wild as it may seem, the approval that is most important is your own.

We may think that it needs to be from other people, perhaps a parent, a spouse, a friend, a recognized figure or institution, but I’m living proof that the approval from the outside still won’t settle your need for approval on the inside. That can only come from your own spirit and from God himself. And what a relief that is! That means that you can effectively “Pick Yourself” and get to work.

bwselfie Brooke Snow delights in the pursuit of a meaningful life. Sign up for her FREE e course “Living A Thriving Life” to learn more about how to find true balance in your life. Brooke lives in Northern Utah with her calm husband, adventurous 5 year old son and bouncy baby girl.

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  1. I’m starting a new chapter of my life in a couple of weeks, and I really needed this reminder. So thanks! 🙂

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