What’s Saving My Life Right Now

What’s Saving My Life Right Now

Do you ever experience stress, overwhelm, or anxiety? Is it the Christmas season without those feelings? Lol. Just kidding! I’m happy to report that there are some easy things that are saving my life right now from the typical emotional meltdown I sometimes experience when those negative emotions surface.

Low levels of magnesium bring on brain fog, anxiety, stress, overwhelm, and irritability, not to mention lots of other physical symptoms. This is a great article to learn if your levels are low. So how do you boost your magnesium?

Natural Calm. This all natural supplement is added to water and tastes great! I now try to maintain good levels of magnesium consistently, but if I slip and end up in a huge emotional meltdown I drink this and instantly feel improvement to my emotional state. One reason PMS so often associates with emotional meltdowns is directly related to magnesium. Especially important to keep your levels up during a woman’s cycle.

Magnesium Lotion. Magnesiusm is more efficiently absorbed into the body topically. This lotion is ahh-mazing. I use it in the morning and at night, and also put it on my daughters feet at night to help her sleep better (magnesium is a huge player in sleep quality and great to use just before bed.)

What I’m Reading Right Now

Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin

I’m absolutely loving this book! I love how Gretchen identifies four different Habit Personality Profiles. When you set habits or goals according to your own natural tendencies, you’re a whole lot more likely to stick to them! Such a great book in preparation for the New Year with resolutions and goals on the mind. I discovered that I’m an Upholder (rule follower) and an Abstainer (I succeed more in an “all or nothing” approach to goals). It’s been enlightening to read and understand why I’ve done amazing with some goals and very poorly with others. Now that I understand myself better and how to create habits that work for me personally, I’m excited to go into the New Year with motivation and resolve.

What I’m Learning Right Now

January-Mid March are my hunker down months for my book manuscript. I have long had a love/hate relationship with social media and I recently made the decision to opt out during this period so I can truly feel creative and have more focus. What is the hardest part of that decision? FOMO!!! The fear of missing out is real!

I loved this article, 3 Ways to Overcome The Fear of Missing Out, by Alli Worthington and how she turns FOMO into JOMO (Joy of missing out!).

Cal Newport has long been a mentor to me when it comes to focus and digital distraction. His TEDx talk Quit Social Media has been a great insight for me.

And for anyone freaking out about the all or note approach to social media (remember, I learned I’m an abstainer! ha!) I did create this great course called Digital Detox, which is all about moderation and finding a happy balanced relationship with technology. Now is a great time to purchase a course as all my courses are $50 or less for the Holidays.

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