I Got a Book Contract!

I received the best news this past week! My book manuscript was accepted! I have a book contract!!!!!

Looking forward to August 2018 when it will be out in print!

The way this has all unfolded has been so miraculous. With visionary encouragement from my dearest friend Kristi, I started to believe in myself as an author and committed myself to writing every morning at 6 a.m. beginning in September. I had no idea how it would ever be published. But I did have faith that if I just started, then things would progress somehow.

The first week of November a publisher emailed me! Yes… EMAILED ME! She asked if I had ever considered writing a book! What?!?
“Well, actually, yes, I have done more than consider it, I’ve already started!”

A few days later we chatted in person, a week later I submitted two manuscripts for books I have been working on, and a week after that I had a contract! Everything happened so fast!

To be honest, the past 3 years I have felt completely stuck professionally. I started a business with a partner, that partnership failed after a year, I tried to rebound while at the same time discovering I had PTSD, anxiety, and depression. I spent the next year and a half working on my own healing while barely staying afloat with my business. An amazing professional opportunity presented itself earlier this summer and it felt like the answer to my floundering. A few months into it I knew that as much as I wanted the prestige and opportunities it could bring, it wasn’t right for me. I closed the door. Two weeks after that I closed the door on my business, knowing it was time to build my own brand again.

When we close doors, new doors really do open. It’s only been a month since that last door closed and I have a book contract and a new vision for the future. It took a lot of wading through mud and clouds to get here. While this opportunity happened seemingly quick, the 3 years of struggle beforehand built my character and faith in ways so profound that I have A LOT to share! Enough for a book or two 😉

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