Resources for Change

Do you believe it is possible to change and become even better?

More than anything else, I know that every human has the ability to change. We are not stuck, we are not limited in our potential, we are not destined for mediocrity in anything. Each person can change and develop for the better.

That being said, I have certainly spent time feeling stuck and have been frustrated when it seemed like nothing was working for me.

Knowledge is power, and today I am sharing with you a handful of resources that have helped me break through my own barriers and trigger the growth and change that I so longed for. I encourage you to take advantage of the transformational energy that comes with a New Year!


Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt: I am a huge fan of Michael Hyatt’s podcast, and goal setting online course. This book details his method of Goal Setting. It accounts for so many lose ends that goal setting strategies typically overlook and is backed up by solid research and memorable stories. I’ve never felt more prepared, inspired, and motivated for my goals than I have after doing this method.

Power Sheets by Lara Casey. I’m in my third year of using power sheets and just love them. If you love a good goal tracking system that is beautiful, integrates journaling, and you can write all over and use as a workbook, this is for you. A great companion to Michaels book.

A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living. 
So often it’s the little things. If you’re looking more for ideas on how to streamline all areas of your life, this is a delightful and very approachable book, and it reads just like a magazine. Less about goals and more about finding simplicity instead of excess, peace instead of overwhelm. I’ve worked on simplifying my life for years, and still picked up some valuable ideas in this book.

You Create Your Life by Brooke Snow.This is my own online course that dives into the spiritual side of goals and creating the life you want. Just as God created all things spiritually before He created them physically, this course gives you the tools to create things spiritually first. Release limiting and negative beliefs and nurture the empowering mindset that you must have to create what you do want. I use this approach for everything I do and it’s also what I use with my own kids to help them develop the ability to intentionally create their life. Even my 3 year old can understand and use these tools with a little adaptation.

Use code NEWYEAR to save 20% off the course through the end of the month.

Happy 2018! May it be your year of incredible growth and change!

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