Weeks Top Review

My favorite posts this week!

1.  INSPIRATION AND ACHIEVEMENT.  T-Ball Wedding by Jasmine Star. Love this story Jasmine shares.  So applicable to all photography and all of our life endeavors that we want to achieve in.  Perspective changes everything, including our output.

2.  AUTHENTICITY IN PHOTOGRAPHY:  Wait for the Soul by David Du Chemin. David says, “My most valued skill has become not an ability to use natural light or pose a subject, but patience, and a willingness to wait for that moment”.

3.  PHOTOGRAPHING KIDS: FAQ Photographing Kids by Amy Wentzell.

4.  TIPS FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNEY:  Mom? Photographer? Momographer? I thought Maryanne made some excellent points that can be super helpful to people.  And as a sidenote, I think Maryanne’s work is absolutely creative and has so much depth.  Her personal work is my favorite.

5.  CREATIVITY :  This project of Irina Werning is fabulous, and something many of us could try on our own for some fun and nostalgia.  She’s recreating photo’s years later… you have to see to know what I’m talking about. (NSFW: Do be aware that there is one artistic photo half way through the gallery of partial nudity.)

Have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Wow! Honor to be on your list. I’ve actually been looking forward to your lists every week. Love the Jasmine Star one you just posted. I’m taking that advice to heart!

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