“Write down the most out of this world goal that you can think of for yourself right now.”

Thats what the business plan DVDs said last January 2010.  The impracticle and audacious goal that seemed out of reach and slightly illusional.

Well, I’m definitely a go-getter, but typically not a dreamer.

I had to think hard.

I randomly wrote down “Be published.” with an accomplish date of “before I die” and then never finished the DVDs, forgot all about the goals and went on with my little overwhelming life.

So its with slight surprise that before the end of the year a fabulous opportunity fell into my lap.  And February, 2011 I found myself heading to Borders to pick up my copy of my first publication!

Admittedly, I’d never heard of the “Where Women Create” magazine before I was approached by the lovely gals of The DIY Dish who are the star features of my portion of the publication.  However, I have become a humble fan.  This isn’t your typical magazine.

Its Awesome.

And filled with content that is awesome on every single page.

Unlike the disappointing stack of magazines with popular titles that I subscribe to monthly that I get about 3 pages worth of value out of.

Its filled with inspiring stories of creative women and beautiful images of the space’s they find their inspiration in on a daily basis.

I was truly captivated reading through each feature, and it was admittedly refreshing to learn from successful creatives outside of the photography industry.  I believe the creative process is similar (yet so different) for every medium, and we can can only benefit from exploring outside our own comforting realm.

The DIY Dish twin sisters are  purely delightful.  They’re funny, witty, creative, entertaining, and so much more!

I’ll write more about them soon when I show a few shots from our time together.

A few pages from the 10 page spread!

Also… let it be known, that I’ve never shot for a magazine before, but knowing that I’d be shooting interiors of mainly still life, I knew it would be expedient to have my  tripod.

As Murphy’s law requires, it promptly broke five minutes into the session.  I knew i couldn’t hand hold all the images and keep my ISO low.  I said a prayer, raised my ISO to 2000, and just hoped that no one at the magazine would look at the metadata and call me a fake photographer to not shoot with a tripod and low ISO!  My camera is awesome on noise control, but I think I had little nightmares regardless that the metadata would speak louder than the images.

Thankfully, the artistic team was incredible to work with and what do you know… not once did they ever mention my ISO settings :)

Huzzah!  They even featured short bio’s on all the photographers who contributed to the issue!

It was a slight surprise to find the bio I had written appear in first person.  I was really grateful that I hadn’t taken liberty in my original third person submission about listing all my lavish awards and honors.  (which would have been fiction)

but it would also have sounded quite stupid.

Bio’s should be in third person.  That opinion is apparently not shared  at the magazine.

My blog bio’s–which btw–did you know they change with each post?–prepped me good to not be too serious.

So overall,

What’s the moral of the story?
Forget about your goals.

Just kidding.

Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. Hold on… She is a PUBLISHED photographer in a national magazine.  She likes high ISO’s and writing about herself in third person.

Brooke teaches private photography lessons , online photography classes, as well as monthly photography classes in Logan, Utah.

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