True Artist: Davina Fear


Davina Fear is not only one of my favorite photographers, she’s one of my favorite people.  I’m thrilled to be able to share her with you today live and in person!

True Artist Interview

I invited Davina to an interview for a few key reasons:

1.  The idea of Convergence & What makes YOU unique.

We’re often told to find our unique voices as artists.  That can be a bit of a vague allure to many of us and it’s quite the journey to discover what really does make us stand apart from the crowd.  I’m personally convinced that where photography is concerned, our “unique voice” most often has nothing to do with the photography side of things (gasp!).  Styles and photos can easily look similar, but the artist themselves are not.  Pulling in our outside interests and talents can often be an electrifying answer of how to find what makes you different.

Davina Fear has a background in Marriage and Family Science.  Listen in to see how she uses this unique passion of hers in her photography and her business.

2.  Using photography to invite a happier family life in your own home.

“Familyness”, as Davina affectionately calls the combination of Family+Happiness, can be achieved as we learn to see the magic of our own story in our own homes.  Finding ways to use photography as a tool for strengthening relationships is an exciting and meaningful adventure, and I can’t think of anyone better suited to the subject, than lovely Davina :)

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Some highlights:

2:25 Davina shares her own story of how she came to be a photographer.

5:16 What is “Familyness”?  How can we achieve familyness in our own homes?

7:00 Convergence.  How Davina combined her interest in Marriage and Family Science into photography. (Very inspiring ideas you can easily incorporate into your work!)

12:15 Bringing the idea of “Familyness” into photographing your own home life.

13:51 Ideas for shooting different personalities.

18:12 Davina’s Familyness Photo Course.

I’m really excited about Davina’s Familyness Photo Course.  (That starts this coming Monday, January 20th!!) It’s not just about taking better photo’s of your family, but it’s about cultivating and strengthening those family relationships in the process.  I’ve never seen another course out there that has that added measure of depth that makes this course both fun and meaningful.

Davina has even given all my readers a special code to use to save $30 on tuition! Wahoo!  Use the code FPW30brooke

Want a peek into Davina’s own story of Familyness?  Check out her inspiring photos below:







Thank you Davina for sharing your philosophies with us today!  Do you have a question or comment for Davina?  Please leave it below!

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