The Stop Doing List

“A strength is what you do that makes you feel strengthened.” -Marcus Buckingham

If this is so, then a weakness is what you do that makes you feel weak.

This thought blew my mind open this past week.

The very idea, that just because we may be good at something doesn’t mean that it’s a strength…unless it makes us feel stronger, energized, and empowered… and reversely, just because we may not be skilled at something doesn’t mean that it’s a weakness. All that really matters is whether we feel stronger or weaker in doing it.


Seems to me that this would be important information for making big decisions or setting important goals!

This time of year often comes with a big list of resolutions. All the things we want to start doing better.


What if we wrote a Stop Doing list instead?

What would happen if we intentionally quit doing the things that make us feel weak?

For me that list might look something like this:

Stop Doing List 2013

(Things that make me feel weak.)

  • Browsing the newsfeed of Facebook during downtime (and comparing myself to people!)
  • Checking my email or phone when I should be working, or having a face to face conversation with someone in my house.
  • Losing my temper every night at 8:30 p.m. (Bed time routine kills me nearly every night.)
  • Going to bed late for no good reason.
  • Not having a menu plan…which makes me feel like a loser every day at dinner time.
  • Watching LOST. (It gives me nightmares and I swear every morning after, I vow I shouldn’t watch it anymore because of how it makes me feel afraid of my own house.)
  • Speaking bad thoughts about myself in my head. Or out loud. Both happen too often.

I could go on and on. You get the idea.

The more we let our weaknesses (the things we do that makes us feel weak) drop out of our lives, the stronger we become. The happier we become.

Seems to me that ditching those things that bring us down and weaken our Spirits and minds can be a highly effective place to start living the life of progress we all desire.

Oh.. and the best part about all of this?

It makes room for our MANY strengths…which after the above definition should have totally inflated your strengths lists with new items:)

So, I can already happily declare that I have a great strength for meal planning! When I do it, I most certainly feel stronger :)

I’m feeling empowered already. How about you?!

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