Falling Back in Love with Photography

I haven’t photographed my home life in over three months.

Yes, that means that I missed my 3 year old’s birthday, and all of the holidays with my camera.

I just didn’t feel like bringing it out.

Do you ever go through peaks and valley’s with your passion?

I’m sure there is a parallel of my apathy and the side effects of living through the dead of winter.

But how to get the spark back?

I’ve been grateful for the brightness and inspiration that I’ve found this week in Davina Fear’s Familyness Photo Workshop.  I hoped that by participating I might catch a bit of magic in my heart again to photograph our family story.

One thing that I have loved so far about the workshop, is how Davina describes looking for YOUR STORY.

It’s easy to go out and try to copy someone else’s story that you saw posted on a blog or Facebook.  Just like it’s easy to believe that our life should look different than it does.  Davina is teaching us how to see our own unique stories that happen in our homes everyday.  And not just to SEE them, but to LOVE them, and to LIVE them through our photos.

For this week’s assignment I wanted to photograph one of our stories and use it to create a VIRTUAL THANK YOU CARD (pictured above).

Buzzy received some amazingly fun gifts for Christmas.  I’m actually pretty terrible at sending handwritten thank you cards in the mail.  Instead of beating myself up again this year for being a slacker, I decided to play to my strengths.  I may not send a thank you card in the mail, but I could make a virtual card featuring Buzzy playing with his gifts and make an image look like a card!

Well, wallah!

We had fun.

We played.

We got great photos to say thanks with.

And most of all, I felt a spark.

And the camera is still out.

It’s time to climb again.





Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. She loves squeaky cheese (cheese curds), a daily dose of solitude, and trips to the family farm 3 miles away.

Brooke teaches inspiring online photography classes that bring you confidence in your skills and creativity.


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