The music of family

These pictures are particularly meaningful to me for two reasons.

1.  Its my super fantastic sister and her great family

2.  They’re all taken in our childhood home.  The music room that I spent hours practicing in everyday.  My mom’s fabulous rare instrument collection.  The reading couch I’d get scolded for sleeping on all night with a book under my head.  My parents send you to heaven bed.  All of it is just so much a part of me and us.

I hope you enjoy a peek into our lives.

Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. Her new favorite location for shooting is in people’s homes.  There’s just so many memories and sentiment attached.  And despite concerns for tidiness and perfect decor… its perfect just as it is.  Promise.

Brooke teaches private photography lessons , online photography classes, as well as monthly photography classes in Logan, Utah.

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