spellyKelly and Perfection.

I have wrongly been accused in the past of being a “perfectionist”.
Those who know me well, know how far from reality that title really is for me.

I guess you could say that Brooke is not into details.  Whatsoever.  I have this annoying habit of taking big dreams and visions, doing the hard work, and feeling proud of first drafts and calling it good.

In college, my dear music professor had to consistently get after me to put in the detail markings on my music compositions.  “Brooke!”  he would gently exclaim.  “How fast is this piece?  How loud or soft? How are the performers supposed to articulate the music?!”

When time came for me to get married and plan a wedding?  Oh heavens.  The details.  I got smarter and handed off the task to my incredible wedding designer/florist.  I told her my two favorite colors and told her to choose everything herself. (And I seriously mean, everything.  The wedding day was a delightful surprise).

I’m grateful to forgiving blog readers and students who catch the vision of my intentions and can often overlook the small details missed in my passionate race to the finish line.

If there’s one thing I am learning again and again, it’s that true “perfection” for me is not a solo effort.  It’s only a result of collaboration and surrounding myself with truly talented people (many of whom really are true perfectionists).

When working on large or small projects it’s always helpful to have another set of eyes. Family and friends can offer support and encouragement, but many times don’t have the heart to critique, or the knowledge of the industry to offer constructive feedback.

Enter spellyKelly.

Kelly, not only has first hand experience in the photography industry herself, she has that x-ray vision that I lack.  The vision that sees through the surface and catches all the tiny fractures that keep your website/blog from functioning as beautifully as possible.  Whether it’s simple spelling and grammar tweaks, branding consistency or thinning down your portfolio to truly represent the best of your work and style, she’s got the razor-sharp vision for finding the areas that we often overlook when we are so personally invested in our own projects.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I LAUNCHED A NEW SITE!  (See, it really did look different!)

Not wanting to risk my usual rough draft presentation of my projects, I called upon Kelly’s fine overview before publishing.  I secretly took the time to edit more than usual, and was still shocked by her lovely red marked response to my website content!  How could I have not seen all that?!  In addition to her thorough and immensely helpful review of my content, Kelly took the time to call and discuss the suggested improvements and overall goals for my site, truly leaving me confident in my launch and excited for the message I hope to communicate to the world.

Do you need a non-biased overview of your own site by someone who understands the photography industry?  Sign up for Kelly’s mailing list to be among the first to know when she officially launches… because I’m coming to realize

Success really is in the details.  Thank goodness I have help!

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  1. Brooke – I can soooo relate to all of this. I think my brain works faster than my fingers. I have all the big ideas in my brain and I get so excited about getting them done done done that I am so bad at remembering the ever important details. However I am also a perfectionist so this all tends to be a bad combination sometimes. Really excited for SpellyKelly and all she has to offer, thanks so much for sharing your experience!

  2. Oh Beryl! Indeed! I just wish I had the perfectionist side to me like you do! I’m just grateful there are wonderful people like Kelly that can fill in all the gaps that I miss!

  3. Yep it looks GREAT!!!!!! One of the great things about you is your willingness to go looking for help! Too many of us think oh I can do that myself and do a half job instead of just getting someone who can do it BETTER!

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