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Some lovely finds!  I hope you enjoy!


1.  FOSTERING CREATIVITY:  Getting out of Photography Rut.  You can never have too many of these type of articles 🙂

2.  AUTHENTICITY: 5 Tips for Achieving Natural Smiles.  I have a pretty good radar for this now (spotting fake smiles–even pretty ones).  Its a really annoying habit I now have, but it makes me much more conscious of bringing out the real grins.  Amazing how you can feel the difference.

3.  DIY GLORY: So You Think You Can’t Have  a Home Studio.  Great post on how to turn any old room in your house to a great studio space.  I’m a fan of frugal and functional and this is both.

4.  REMINDER: Photographing Real Moments.  I felt a very large guilty conscious reading this post.  I am afraid to admit how many photos I do not take because the light is bad or the composition can’t be fixed…or the photos I don’t take simply because we all look down right sloppy.  This was a great reminder.

5.  INSPIRATION: Creativity: Find Your Rhythm.  David Du Chemin is so inspiring–especially with the personal recovery he’s struggling with right now (fell off a deathly high wall in Italy and nearly broke his whole body).  His posts lately have been right on target for what I need.  I love his take on creativity having highs and lows and how to deal with it.  You’ll find about a dozen quotable quotes in this rich post.  And while we’re here, you might as well read THIS POSTtoo.

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