I believe in magic.

Sometimes magic is not an instant transformation.  Man how I could use that in so many areas…


But alas, magic does indeed come from creative and talented people and their abilities to transform the average looking into something that sparkles!

I’m so happy to announce my official NEW BLOGSITE LAUNCH!  (Google Reader, friends, please click on over!)

Working with Sarah Bray was delightful.  I think she is a wizard at what she does.  Thank you to Sarah and her team for the design and content strategy behind all the goodies that you see here.  Everything is so easy to find and fun to discover!

…almost as fun as real magic. And real Quiddich matches. And hanging out with Harry Potter and friends 🙂

Ah, the joys of awesome summer family reunions 🙂


Real life Quidditch!







The Golden Snitch….. of course!

Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah.  She admittedly has a really cool family reunion every year (going on 52 consecutive years on the same beautiful Idaho cattle ranch) where you never know who is going to make a surprise guest appearance.  Cowboys, Indians, Pirates, Hill Billies, Gangsters, or even those with magic powers.  This aint no boring reunion.

Brooke teaches private photography lessons , online photography classes, as well as seasonal photography classes in Logan, Utah.

14 Responses

  1. I so want to have a family reunion like that!!!!!! Creativity must run in your entire family. How fun 🙂

  2. Nice looking site Brooke! I can’t wait to click on all the links and see what is new and exciting.

  3. Great new look! I am wondering about that family reunion… please tell me it’s an unfamiliar (to me) side of your family, because I sure don’t recognize anyone! (It’s not just superior costumes and too many years of being gone, right?) And may I add, this looks like a most enjoyable even to photograph! 😉

  4. Seriously, this is the coolest family reunion I’ve ever seen! So so hilariously fun.

    Your site looks beautiful!! I love it. It’s perfectly “Brooke.”

  5. Ha ha Jocelyn! Don’t worry. Its the Corbridge Family reunion 🙂 You’re not obligated to know anyone 🙂 Though it takes place in the same location we had a few of the McBride reunions years ago!

  6. Ahh! I love your new look. It fits you very well. Kindred is such a hard thing to find in a competitive photo world!
    After these pictures I do believe I may show up to one of those reunions some day and act like family!

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