Even though I totally missed the cake cutting and the bouquet toss

I did manage to actually get into a few of the photos myself!  🙂  Miracle!

Me, my fabulous married Bro, and hilarious schwest:

Telling Jesse the hilarious “whisper” we heard from one of the old grandma’s during a silent moment of the ceremony… If only it was appropriate to share!

My entire family–minus the 3 munchkins

I only have one major regret… (besides of course missing all those important moments later on during the wedding day 😉  )

I totally didn’t get a picture of me at the reception.  I wore the same dress I wore to my sister Lindsey’s reception five years ago AND MY DRESS FIT.  That’s saying something friends.  90 lbs came and went between then.  When in the world am I every going to wear it again?  Maybe a self portrait is in order?

Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah.  She grew up on a remote dirt road on the outskirts of town.  Her neighbors consisted of wild life (of the four legged variety), and old people.  As such, she was left to her imagination and two siblings for any type of fun.  This is what probably led to playing “Post Office” on roller skates in the unfinished basement.  You gotta be creative when there aren’t many options!

Brooke teaches inspiring online photography classes that bring confidence in your skills and creativity.  

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  1. You family is just so cute! You all have the best smiles and are just fun! I can’t believe how much Lindsey looks like you (Haven’t seen her for probably 10 years or so) And Jessie looks a lot like your dad! Congrats on the 90lbs weight loss! That’s awesome! I saw you at the Health Days parade at you look AWESOME!! My mom and i tried to get your attention but I don’t think you heard us. 🙂

  2. Jamie!!!! How great to hear from you! I’m sorry I didn’t hear you at the parade! I would have given a totally hearty response 🙂 My Dad referred me to your husband today… I hear he’s pretty handy 🙂 I’ll have to call on his wonderful services! Hope you’re doing great!

  3. Sorry, I knew you didn’t know that we were cutting the cake, but after standing in line for so long we just wanted to eat and get that bouquet thrown. 😉 I’m just glad for all the photos that you did take and I haven’t been thinking about these ‘missed’ photos as much as you apparently have and it was MY wedding. 🙂

    Thanks again Brooke, you’re the greatest. 🙂

  4. I LOVE these pictures!… and your hair!…and your 90 lb accomplishment!…and your awesome family!
    Congrats to Jesse and his darling wife!

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