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July week #4

1.  INSPIRATION: Did you catch the wonderful photographer series on the creative mama blog this week?  So many fabulous photographers interviewed with great images of their work.  Truly worth a peek!

2.  FOOD FOR THOUGHT: When You Need to Stop Listening. Great thoughts on how many of us constantly seek knowledge and advice and help outside ourselves, thinking the answers will always be in an ebook, a blog post, or some other informational product.  Though these are often super helpful, Jonathan is right… we need to listen on the inside as well–since the most important decisions and direction can often be found there.

3.  FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY: 6 Tips For Your Family Photo Shoot! by Me Ra Koh.

4.  CREATIVITY:  Start to Finish.  This is a great video post on the making of this music video.  First of all, I am so not into sports and so not into rap.  This music video made me cry though.  Don’t tell Ben.  I love to see the evolution of how it all came to be.  There is so much that we can learn from seeing the seed of an idea brought to fruition. And on a totally random note–from one music composer to another, the music orchestration is awesome.  Love the children’s choir and solo cello.

5.  HMMMM.  Seth Godin’s post: “Interesting & Interestedit helps to be both. These are the two ways you earn attention. If it’s so obvious, why is it so difficult?”


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