How I Deal with Stress

How do I deal with stress?

I don’t.

ha ha.

Not very well at least.

People have asked why I don’t photograph weddings any longer.  

“Is it because you only have one chance to get it right?!”  

Sorry, but I really hate that excuse.  I usually have only one chance to get any type of photoshoot right and shouldn’t be in business if I need the cushion of second chances all the time.

The reason I don’t photograph weddings is the stress.

As in, I am a sponge and if other people are feeling stressed, I suddenly feel that way to.  I really despise directing crowds of people and I just plain hate schedules.  I dread being rushed. I dread the feeling of urgency in order to accomplish something.

I do not feel joy photographing in these conditions.


I don’t like doing things that don’t bring joy.

My lovely solution for wedding photography, is to photograph most everything on a different day.  A relaxing day! A day where it’s no one but me and the couple.  A day where we can take pleasure in not having only 20 minutes to work under with pressing appointments and crowds of guests. A day to truly contemplate and ponder the meaning of this occasion.  I get more emotional images, I can work during better light and have more creativity when we’re not rushed and distracted.

 I create best in those type of conditions.
So therefore, I try to limit my work to those type of conditions.

Jesse and Rachel were super compliant with my request (I told them that was their only option 🙂 )  So we shot their wedding photos the day before.  Good thing they’re not superstitious people.

Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. How does she really handle stress?  She has five key steps she tries to accomplish every day.  It cures most of life’s stress if she follows it.  1.  Get enough sleep.  2.  Get enough good food to eat. 3.  Exercise.  4.  Pray.  5.  Read the scriptures.  If only those five things weren’t so dang hard sometimes!

Brooke teaches online photography classes that inspire confidence in your skills and creativity.

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  1. I’m with you on the wedding thing!!! I really like your idea of still doing the pics but just on a different day. LOVE the photos. The black and white in front of the temple is quite a piece of art. Oh wow!!

  2. Gorgeous images! I feel exactly the same way. Hate the rush, pressure of a tight timeframe, feeling like the guests are asking why it’s taking so long for the pictures. And really, really dislike directing a big group of people. Now I’m considering only doing weddings with a day after session….did one a few weeks ago and it relieved a lot of stress and you get to focus on the most important people at the wedding….the bride and groom:)

    1. Glad I’m not the only one! Most definitely do a day after session 🙂 Hooray for stress free sessions 🙂

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