How To Be Magical

Until yesterday, I had no idea that Marie Kondo had a T.V. show.

Then out of the blue two people mentioned it two me in the same day.

Perhaps you too are a fan of “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, Marie’s smashing success book.

Her quirky approach to de-cluttering and tidying up your life and home has resonated deeply with people all across the globe.

When I say quirky, those who have read the book either love it or they are deeply skeptical.

The Kondo Method of tidying up includes holding every item in your hands to see if it “sparks joy”…

If yes, then you keep it.

If no, then you thank it, then let it go with gratitude.

I happen to absolutely love her method, and broke my “no tv in the middle of the day” rule and watched the first episode of Tidying Up on Netflix, immediately.

Oh my goodness!

She is absolutely magical! Like a little fairy of goodness sent straight from heaven!

She absolutely radiates light and love and makes you instantly want to be the best version of yourself.

I found myself smiling, crying, and totally in awe of this pixie like creature who has much more to teach people than just how to clean up their house.

To my astonishment, she displays pure compassion and love for each person she meets. She doesn’t look on their mess with any ounce of disdain.

People do clean up and declutter, (not to the point of minimalism as I would have expected) but to the point of peace. Whatever that looks like for them.

At the end of the show she gets emotional and tells her clients how proud she is of their progress and cheers them on!

I love a good transformation as much as anyone, but truth be told, I was mostly fascinated by her.

What is it about her that makes her so…



Pure good!? The kind of good that feels fittingly, magical?

As I asked myself these questions I instantly knew the answer:


She practices gratitude like no one I’ve ever seen.

Something doesn’t spark joy? Thank it. Then let it go.

Folding your clothes? This is a gratitude practice to talk to them and let them know how grateful you are to them for serving you!

In episode 1 she very carefully finds a spot on the floor to kneel in silence to thank the house for protecting this family and serving them well. This isn’t done at the end of the process when the house is lighter and cleaner…

No, she thanks it right at the beginning, full of clutter and junk and mess!

Something tells me that if I practiced gratitude to the same degree as Marie, I might just turn out to be a little magical too.

Here’s to a magical day.

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  1. I love your thoughts on gratitude and Marie’s book. Now I want to check out her show, too! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation you never fail to send me through your blog and podcast. I just love you, Brooke!

    1. Heather! What a delight to hear from you! Marie Kondo is absolutely magical 🙂 You will love her show! Thanks so much for your amazing support! <3

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