Ep. 22 Powerful Presence

Living in the present moment is a popular catch phrase these days, perhaps because now more than ever, our culture makes it increasingly easy to be distracted. In today’s episode I want to share with you WHY you want to be present–What power lies there–and My favorite way to instantly find presence.


  1. Living In Your True Identity: Discover, Embrace, and Develop Your Own Divine Nature. My book! If you like the podcast, you’ll love the book!
  2. The Life Changing 90 Second Secret
  3. Teaching The Teachers With Marianne Williamson: Outstanding Course (albeit very deep 😉 ha! I loved it!
  4. Christian Meditation Course with Brooke Snow Deepen your practice of presence with the practice of meditation. Sign up today and get a buddy pass to invite a friend to join you for free!

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