When you’re doing all the right things and still don’t feel happy…

A long time ago, I took great pride in my happiness habits.
If I wasn’t happy, I knew it was because I had missed one of my 6 essential daily habits:
  1. Pray
  2. Read Scripture
  3. Journal
  4. Get enough sleep
  5. Eat wholesome foods
  6. Exercise
If at any time during the day I felt sad, irritated, or depressed, I’d quickly run through my list in my head to see what I missed.
Most of the time, this worked like a charm.
I’d find I was lacking in one of my six and could see the cause and effect.
But what about those times when the six are actually in place, and I still felt depressed, despite my good efforts?
Well, I’ve come to learn that my list isn’t always 100% reliable (though it still cures most of life’s ills!) 
For me–I’ve noticed that there are two other environmental factors that can sabotage my efforts.
  1.  Hormones.
  2. Satan.
Hormones, hormones, hormones. The Essential Six help, but sometimes, that’s not enough for those hormones!  
If I was more expert in this category, I’d expound, however, I’ve found that simply tracking my cycle is greatly helpful to identifying this culprit. 
Lots of apps exist, but one you may not know about is Hormone Horoscope.  
If you can look past its pop culture nature, it gives you daily horoscopes on how you might be feeling based on the day of your cycle. I find it fascinatingly accurate and helpful. Many times I’ve felt easily triggered and irritated, then looked at my hormone horoscope and said, “Ohhhhhh. That’s why!” ha!
Now for Satan.
Truth be told, don’t be surprised if you set a new goal, start a new project, or desire to do something great and suddenly feel doubt, depression, fear, and resistance. 
There are times when you are doing all the right things, and still you don’t feel happy. 
Still you don’t feel peace….
Have you ever felt that way before? 
Like none of the usual tools are helping?
In this podcast episode I’m tackling this subject full on. 
I’m sharing my top two tools you can use to clear away the very real opposition and resistance in our life that shows up from the Devil himself. 
I promise to make this episode empowering and uplifting, even when talking about the dark side. 
Why? Because light always wins and light is always more powerful.

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