The Car {Family Life Project 52}

Since my one and only goal for 2012 is to live a creative LIFE, I was absolutely delighted when my friend Rhonda invited me to join her for a 52 week project on Family Life!  I’ve had small quiet resolutions for photographing my family throughout the year in the past, but this means that I now have accountability and a fun theme to help my creativity.

I’ll be posting once a week (for the 52 weeks of the year!) our family life photo. At the end of the year I hope to have a broad and meaningful representation of our family in 2012.

Week #1 theme: The Car


This is usually the view that I see while driving and looking through the child rearview mirror :)

I want to kiss him every time I see this sly expression!

Buzzy is notorious for immediately taking his shoes off the minute he gets in the car. Here’s a peak at the process starting…




This was fun!  I have wanted to take shots in the car for awhile, and finally did some!  We shot for about five minutes and I edited for about the same.  If this is what things are like each week, we might actually have a shot of keeping this up this year!

Check out Rhonda’s images HERE.

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