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1.  USING YOUR IMAGES:  I’m a passionate advocate for printing your images, as I explain HERE.  Photo books is just one way that I love to free my images from the confines of the digital hard drive. Check out this post for a great tutorial on how to use your images in photo books.

2.  CAN GREED BE GOOD?  Great post by Tara Gentile!  I encourage every photographer out there who has ever been uncomfortable charging money for their work to read it!  My own relationship with pricing has been an uphill battle. I’ve felt everything from guilt, under charging and risk to over-charging, trying to meet every budget,  and every other uncomfortable feeling in between. Our relationship with money can be a funny thing.  But what she mentions here about greed being lonely is an amazing perspective and very true. When we find the happy place for charging we really can empower more than just ourselves. Read it!

3.  AWESOME IDEA:  Just found out about Babbabox and I couldn’t be more impressed with Jessica Kim and her company!  She’s delightful, but the concept is so creative!  I personally struggle with being “creative” in my home life and I want so much to be a fun interactive mom but coming up with projects to do with Buzzy is hard.  Thats where Babbabox comes in!  Its a monthly subscription and she sends you a themed box each month containing every single part of activities that you can do with your kids, games, books, and more.  Targeted at 3-5 year olds, so I’m holding out for a few more months, but I’m totally signing up for this idea soon!

4.  ARE YOU PRESENT? Chase Jarvis’s post What is Most Important for a Photographer was a real trigger for some introspection. “In order to make the most successful, effective (read: insightful, moving, impactful, beautiful, etc) image, the photographer must be “present” in the image.”  Great discussion. Short post. Lots to think about!

5.  STOP DOING LIST: With all the celebratory rituals of goal setting for the New Year, I found this concept particularly thoughtful. What are you going to STOP DOING this year?  I have some key things to add to my own list 🙂

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