Ep. 62 Luxury Lists

Do you ever feel overwhelmed from deadlines? Responsibilities? Schedules? All the things being asked of you? What do you do to cope? When we start to feel the squeeze of life, the idea of taking a vacation and getting a break from the daily pressures sounds like the most wonderful option… except what if you can’t just take a vacation? What if logistics and commitments really do require you to stay right where you’re at and to keep pressing forward with the pressure? Today we’re talking about one of my favorite little practices that bring the benefits of a vacation into your everyday life. And you don’t have to pay anything or book a trip to get it.  Sound good? Let’s get started.


Living In Your True Identity by Brooke Snow. My Book! Available on Amazon!

The Law of Creation. Go deeper into the concepts I explain in my book with this free course.

40 Amazing Days Meditation Course: Updated version of the 40 Day Christian Meditation Challenge – available on the Co Create app! The Co Create App gives you access to over 100+ Guided Meditations, new Yoga Classes and Inspirational Audio Courses to support you in living into your true identity as the creator of your life. Find all the details at brookesnow.com/app

Stillness Is The Key by Ryan Holiday

2 Responses

  1. I just wanted to reach out and express my gratitude for the wonderful experience we had at our corporate event. It truly was a day of re – creation for me and for my soul. Your message has stuck with me in ways I could not have imagined and I am thrilled to tell you that I have shared your message over again with my family and friends multiple times! Thank you so much for your inspiring work! You are truly called to do this!

    I’m just in case you were wondering, I felt that you didn’t miss a Beat in your presentation! Thank you for inspiring me to remember that a good refresh is needed it before something that can be a little stressful. This year my mother passed away, and we had a regularly scheduled corporate event a few days later. As difficult as it seems to others, the best thing I could have done was to take the time to go to the event and spend a few days in a hotel to regenerate and heal prior to mom’s funeral. I really had no idea how valuable this would be to me. But it has stuck in my heart and I highly recommend it!

    1. Jeana!

      Thank you so much for your comment! How fun to know that you were at the Bamboo Presentation! Hooray! I feel like we’re already friends! Thank you for your kind words, and also for sharing your own experience with the true replenishment that is needed especially during intense times of our life. It always seems counter-intuitive to me when those moments happen, but if I seek for those re-creation activities I always handle the intensity better. Thank you for showing us a new perspective and example for which this works! You’re the best!

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