Ep. 63 Your Heavenly Team

What if there was a way that you could instantly boost your influence for good. A way that you could enhance your talents, and your effectiveness.  What if there was a way to increase your hope and your help. A way that you could receive support in every challenge you face.  We multiply our effectiveness when we have support.  And happily, this privilege of support is given to each of us in our own heavenly team.  So who is on your heavenly team? Today I’m talking all about angels. And how we each have angels at the ready to support us when we choose to live up to this privilege.  I’ll share a few stories and tips on how I am learning to use this precious gift in my life and how you might too.


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Live Up To Your Privilege Hymn Text by Brooke Snow

Live Up To Your Privilege Hymn Music by Brooke Snow

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