Ep. 61 Floors and Ceilings

Have you ever had a big goal in your life that you wanted to reach, but gave up before you got there? Have you ever tried to start a new healthy habit, but been unable to sustain it long term? Have you ever wanted to be consistent in something you knew would change your life but discovered that life is always changing and doing something everyday can get a little complicated when your schedule changes, or you’re traveling, or you’re sick, or something happens that throws things off? Maybe you were doing well for a time and then the holidays, or vacation time, or sick time, throws things out of whack and it’s hard to get back on track?

If this has ever happened to you, and you’ve wondered what to do, this episode will feel like a secret of the universe has just been revealed. We’ll talk about my favorite life hack that has kept me consistent in all my good habits no matter what happens in my life. And the best part is, it’s so easy that every single person can do it.


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Ep. 59 You Are An Influencer : Podcast episode mentioned in the Review of the Week!

The Compound Effect by Daren Hardy

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      1. I would LOVE a copy of this transcript too (this episode was amazing, I’ve never considered floor goals!!!) but the link isn’t working for me. Is there another way to get the transcript? Thank you so much for all the insight and wisdom you share. You are a blessing to my life!

  1. I got it. I didn’t realized the transcript was the pdf of m “the book” I would get when subscribing. Thank you. I love it!

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