Ep. 29 Transforming Fear

Today’s episode is all about transforming fear. What role does fear play in your own life? Do you allow it to freeze your progress or do you know how to transform it? We’re going to talk about two types of fear, and how one type, is surprisingly one that you actually need to embrace! Fear will always be uncomfortable, but amazing things happen when we can learn how to read it and actually use it!


Living In Your True Identity: If you love my podcast, you’ll love my book! Available on Amazon.

Playing Big by Tara Mohr, the source for the two different types of fear in the Hebrew language. Pachad, and Yirah.

Ep. 7 How Meditation Saved My Life

Fear Is Excitement Without The Breath: My mentor Brian Johnson explains this amazing easy tool. “I’m excited!”

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  1. Thank you so much. You are my angel of comfort. I am living in a crisis, I have listened to your podcasts for almost a year. I just listened to your fear podcast. I am Excited for my new changes. I love your mantras about everything. The spirit of God is within me is my favorite. I am enough is also great. I love you and my daughter who introduced you to me and shared her buddy pass, I love you. god bless you!

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