Ep. 28 Choosing You

Have you ever really wanted to be a part of something, to start something, to feel a sense of contribution and like what you create makes a difference?Have you longed for that opportunity to come your way? Today’s episode is all about the secret of making that opportunity happen right now. We’ll talk about the meaning of being called, and being chosen–in particular how you become chosen for the work you are meant to do. I’m so excited to get into this important topic!


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Pick Yourself by Seth Godin

Ep. 27 Unbelief


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*Special Thanks to the 2004-2005 USU Scholarship Quartet for bringing my Opera, Jack And the Beanstalk to life!

2 Responses

  1. Approximately 3 minutes before I listened to this podcast, I “chose me” and presented an idea to an influential group that I feel totally unqualified for, but thought, “What the heck, why couldn’t I be the person for the job.” Your podcast was such an overwhelming affirmation that it is okay to believe I can do hard things, create great things, and really truly make a difference in others lives. Thank you Brooke! So timely!

    1. Oh Marci! This absolutely thrills me! YES YES YES! Choose you! All opportunities start here! Looking at what you’ve already accomplished, I can see you already do this! Blaze the trail, my friend! You’re amazing!

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