Ep 119 Choosing Grace in Homelife Instead of Living the Law of Moses

You are probably familiar with the Law of Moses approach to justice. It’s an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. I have always applied my understanding of this phrase to obvious enemies and instances in which one person offends me personally. I’ve never noticed until recently how I apply this mindset in far more ways than I realized and how it was hurting my relationships. A few weeks ago I read Adam Miller’s new book, Original Grace and if you haven’t noticed, this book has influenced my podcasts all month long. I’m not a sponsor of the book, but I have been forever changed by it, which is why I can’t stop talking about it. After I created my book review episode I have had some personal experiences applying what I have learned that I couldn’t help but share. I hope, like me, it helps you have more grace in your everyday home life experiences and closest relationships.

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