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1.  DISTRACTION.  I was really intrigued by one of the latest street photography projects of Zach Arias, capturing people zoned into their cell phones and other digital devices.  Particular to note, is that he is shooting these images with a 24mm lens.  This means that he actually has to be super close to the subjects (thus making the concept of distraction all the more intriguing since he’s only standing a few feet away and they still don’t know they just had their picture taken!)

2.  PSYCHOLOGY OF DISCOUNTS.  Jenika is awesome. Her “The Secret Side of Discounts” post does an amazing job distilling why, how, and when to do discounting in your business, but also the history behind discounts! (Truly fascinating!).


4.  BUILDING CONNECTION IN OUR RELATIONSHIPS.  Loved this post by the Well Daily on how to “Connect without the Tech”.  Too much of my communication with people each day is via technology, in comparison with the old fashioned way we used to build relationships.  Something interesting that I am learning as an online educator is that the more “senses” we can involve in our communication the more personal it is, thus the reason I try to use video so much.  Nothing replaces the power of in person communication that encompasses ALL senses, but seeking for ways that we can add more of the senses to our communication can make things much more meaningful.

5.  THE VALUE OF SOLITUDE:  I love this topic.  I live for this topic!  My life would not be what it is today without consistent times of solitude each day.  This was a great article by the Accidental Creative.

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  1. Did you look over at the additional cell phone photos that he had on the cnn website? What an amazing series. The thing that really struck me is that every single one of them looked sad. Not even one smile in the bunch, and some of them looked downright depressed. It made me sad enough that I kind of want to do a series of photographs with people talking to PEOPLE, and laughing and smiling. These photos hit home to me way more than words would have. We need to connect… we’re becoming a very self-absorbed people.

  2. Oh Mindy, what a great comment! I hadn’t seen the entire series on CNN! Thank you for mentioning! Yes, indeed, I agree with you. It is sad that we can be so deeply distracted and not connecting with the real life people around us. Thats what I think Zach is trying to portray in the images, and its amazing how just seeing image after image can be a bit startling and a wake up call to unplug a bit 🙂 We miss out on so much when we’re distracted! I love your idea of photographing people who ARE connecting!

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