Why you shouldn’t seek for a balanced life.

A consistent theme I see reappear again and again in my free writing sessions each morning is my quest for balance and how to achieve it.

Sometimes I’m on top of it.

Other times I’m dragging behind.

One morning while praying I had this simple tiny thought enter my mind that changed my entire paradigm.

“Don’t seek for a balanced life. Seek for a balanced day.”

Part of what overwhelms my life sometimes, is my constant quest on a journey that never ends and is not measurable.

I can say that I want to live my life in balance, but hey! That type of quest could be another 50-70 YEARS of trying!

As soon as I decided to try living a balanced “day” everything became measurable and manageable.

Life ebbs and flows. Schedules and seasons change. Some days are crazier than others. But most things I still have control over. I can look at the day before me and ask myself, “How can I live balanced TODAY?” and make better choices about what I say yes to, how I spend my time, and what or who is most important.

It allows me to have an end.

It allows me to measure my success.

It allows me to adapt.

It allows me a new chance to start again with each sunrise.



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Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. The most important things she does each day for balance? Sleep good. Eat good. Exercise good. Meditation. And a hot date with a piece of chocolate every day at 3p.m.

Brooke teaches inspiring online photography classes that bring you confidence in your skills and creativity.

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6 Responses

  1. Why didn’t I think of this?! It’s simple but so profound. Anyone can work a day at a time and yes, days are measureable. I slept well last night, ate a healthy breakfast and just returned from a walk in the hills. It looks like a little meditation and chocolate along with a few other things will qualify for a balanced day…yeah!!!

    1. Kristin! I just love you! Thank you for the link to the making things happen page! I love their posts, and yet think I missed this one! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I have been struggling with this very concept for months now. Wondering if I’ve taken on too much, feeling overwhelmed and generally hopeless that I’ll ever be on top of it all. Because I was looking at the life. And thanks to your reminder, I can look to just today. One day at a time.

    1. Oh Adrienne! I know the feeling! Amazing what “baby-steps” can do huh?! One day at a time. One day at a time!! Good luck, my friend!

  3. Awh. Brooke – You are ever so inspiring. I am glad I kept this email in my inbox until I could read it. Blessings! Jessica

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