The Office {Family Life Project 52}

Space matters.

This weeks theme for the Family Life Project is

The Office.

I know my own personal creative space is not jaw dropping for Pinterest inspiration, but it’s absolutely perfect for my personal inspiration.

 A few things of note about my space:


I learned long ago that I have a strong personal connection with inspiration in clean spaces.  If the environment I am in is orderly, I feel like my life is in order.  Energy flows freely.  I’m not blocked by the negative energy of disorder, junk, clutter, or excess.

2.  I surround myself with inspirational things.

And I’m not talking about trendy or kitschy decor.  Everything on display has authentic meaning and purpose to my life. This is so important to my creativity.


  • I have one wall of portraits from our Beloved session.  I love this wall. It’s right next to the computer and I often glance up and have my heart smile at the tangible emotion.
  • I have my favorite and most inspirational books on small shelves close at hand.  When I write or create, often I have glimmers of remembrance from nuggets in those pages and I can easily access them to refresh my memory.

3.  My space caters to all my favorite creative arts.

I have a digital piano in my office for composing music and relaxing.

I have corners for reading and writing.

And of course, the computer station where most of my time is spent, is centered under a sky light that diffuses natural light throughout my scheduled working hours.

I feel so strongly about the quality of space that we live and create in. It has far more impact than most of us ever realize.

We’re lucky enough to have a spare bedroom that we can dedicate just for office space.  If you don’t have space for an office that is truly your own, try and find somewhere that can serve as a similar inspirational corner 🙂  Even if it’s a closet, a desk, a bureau top or even a drawer full of things that bring positive and uplifting thoughts.

I spent six summers living in a run-down junky dorm room in the middle of the serene Grand Teton National Park.

The environment of the employee village was a constant drain on inspiration, so my “creative space” became the mountains themselves. I wrote an entire Opera in those mountains one summer and learned a valuable lesson:

Beauty, creativity, and inspiring environments can always be found in our lives if we’re willing to hike for it 🙂

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Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. Creating a home and lifestyle that invites inspiring thoughts is what she lives for everyday. With so much clutter and distraction so easily encountered in our lives, she feels it is of utmost importance to have some type of haven of enlightenment to grow and develop.  When one can make the actual home they live in this very type of haven, you not only bless your own life but everyone who enters within its doors.

Brooke teaches inspiring online photography classes that bring you confidence in your skills and creativity.

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4 Responses

  1. i love it! i love how every item there is something significant to you, not just a decoration. my office is pretty sparse too, but i’m the same way–i like it clean. and hey! my photos! they look SO good framed like that!

    1. Hooray Kristin! We LOVE our photos 🙂 Thanks a million times again for taking them 🙂 I’m glad we’re kindred spirits on the “clean” thing 🙂

  2. What a great article!! I totally agree with you on the space thing…..we are currently going through the process of selling up everything we own to go to South America and Africa on our way to settle back in DUbai (where we used to live). My husband is “waiting” on a job, we are “waiting” on selling our home…..and I am nurturing a business that is ready to boom (I have only “just” launched it…), and then I realized “What are we WAITING for?” We always wanted to travel the world a bit more and so have created a “space” by getting rid of 90% of our things which then in turn has created the “energy” to get us over there where my new office will be the amazing experiences and landscapes that I will see……I am bursting with excitement at how this will all play out!! Thanks again for a great article…every time I read one of your posts I feel like I”m in my own head…… minds!!!

    1. Oh Steph! I just love everything you just said! Congrats on the exciting adventures that you have ahead. Most people would be pretty tight fisted about selling off all their stuff, but you are so right in the “energy” that it brings. Once we learn to let go of things it actually makes space for the new and exciting things to come into our life that there was no room for before! Good luck on the journey ahead!

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