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1.  BODY IMAGE FRIENDLY:  I have never seen a post detailing the psychology of making your website “body image friendly”!  What Jenika speaks of, is so true!  Most people are self conscious about how they look and the language you use on your blog can help them feel more comfortable about working with you as a photographer–despite their insecurities–or cause them to put off the photos for another year 🙂  Here’s Part One and Part Two.  So insightful!

2.  GEAR: Do you buy a new lens or a new camera?  Elizabeth gives some great advice that I heartily agree with!  Go for the glass, baby!

3.  CUSTOMER SERVICE: I’ve always been a fan of the “under promise, over deliver”  mantra of customer service. But Seth also points out here that the experience a client has at the END of working with you should be the climax… the best part. Because that is what is remembered the most.  It was sort of like a lightbulb moment for me, since it is the end of the experience that I dread the most about the photo business experience (the ordering, the selling, the packaging…)   But look at any successful business and you can see a trend of “highs” at the end of the process 🙂

4.  GETTING GREAT LAUGHTER PICTURES:  Laughter is my all time favorite emotion to photograph. This post on 4 Tips For Photographing People Laughing was a delight 🙂 Some solid bits of advice here!

5.  INFORMATION OVERLOAD SYNDROME:  I wrote about this earlier this week, but Sarah said it best in her tweet, “The sooner we stop being victims of information overload, the sooner we can create digital lives that empower our real-world ones.” Whew!

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