Laws have Consequences and Blessings

It’s important to remember we humans experience offense and wrath far different than God does.  When we experience those emotions we can easily switch into our natural man identity and close off and be reactive.  God however is unchanging in his identity.  He is always a God of love and and a God of longsuffering and patience and kindness and mercy.  He is also a God who is Just.I had a little fun with the 1828 Websters Dictionary, a favorite tool of mine for understanding the scriptures better by using the earliest English language dictionary.

One early definition of the word “offense” is to transgress a law.

Another early definition of the word “wrath” is just punishment of an offense or crime.

When I imagine God being offended and full of wrath, it emphasizes his just character.  He allows the consequences of any law that is not obeyed.

If you step off a cliff, you experience the justice of God by falling.  There are laws that are meant to be obeyed and when they are not there is a consequence to that law. This is justice. Even if it’s simply transgressing the law of gravity.

God allows our agency.

This is how we learn.  Because he is just, we get to learn over and over again through the consequences of every law we break.

It is my deep personal belief that the very reason God commands us to give thanks in every circumstance, and to confess his hand in all things… the reason that we are commanded to redeem the negative or find what’s awesome in every experience…

The reason….
is because it’s a law.

And every law has a consequence.  Or in other words, every law has a blessing!

If you’d like to learn more about this, check out my podcast, Ep. 70 “What’s Awesome about this?”

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