Weeks Top Review

Some nice discoveries this week 🙂

1.  POSING: Jasmine Star shares some of her tips.   I get asked about posing all the time, and Jasmines got some great thoughts on the matter.  If you want an even deeper education on the subject, exploring posing one subject, two, as well as families,  sign up for my Advance Pro class 🙂  You’ll be a confident posing pro in no time 🙂

2.  PROP AUTHENTICITY: Using Client Heirlooms as Props.  How could I not post this?  I have done this very thing so many times and LOVE it.  It all goes back to finding meaning in your work.  Its the #1 reason I haven’t purchased some trendy vintage couch as a prop.  I may think its cool, but my subjects have absolutely no connection to it and I end up with a portfolio that all looks the same with only a change of face.  Now… if it was their own couch???  We can plan a lot of fun ideas 🙂

3.  PHOTO TIP: The Difference Between Good and Great Photographers.  This is so true.  And hard.  I have majorly streamlined the amount of photos I post, and I still post too many.

4.  CREATIVE JOURNEY:  Finding Your Voice. I loved this article.  I think everyone should read it.  The diagram Paige shows is the exact description of my own journey!  Anyone who wonders what their style is… what their “voice” is… what direction they should follow…?  You need to read this!

5.  TIME MANAGEMENT: Time Management: Easy Peasy Pumpkin Squeezy. Kristin always has a fun take on things and she’s spot on here.  “If you say you don’t have time for something, you’re just saying it isn’t a priority.”  Amen.  And ouch.

3 Responses

  1. Prop Authenticity: I read this one and it reminded me of old black and white photo’s where a whole family posed in front of their home and all of their important stuff. There is a lot of history in one picture.

  2. Love that last quote. I need to post that in my house. And ditto to your comment, except it’s “Amen.” and “Double Ouch” for me! Thus, the need to post it in my house…

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