Weeks Top Review

Lovely finds this week.  Enjoy!


1.  EQUIPMENT: What camera should I buy? I get asked this all the time, and its great to have someone else give their take along with the updates of the most current cameras.

2.  BUSINESS BRANDING: 5.25 Clues that your are the off brand.  Loved Sarah’s post.  Great for any business owner to read :)  Speaking of branding, here’s a great slideshow to kick things into gear.

3.  PRICING  How do you know if you’re charging enough/too much.  Another Sarah post, but totally excellent.  I think one of the best points on there was asking yourself the question How do you feel when your clients ask for something that’s a little extra? If you feel defensive or taken advantage of, you are not charging enough. So well put.  When you’re priced effectively you have no problem serving without resentment.  Thats a really good feeling.  And of course win win for everyone.

4.  PHOTO TIP:  How to Avoid Glare on Glasses. Excellent tips!  Nothing like getting a fabulous picture and having glare on someone’s eyeglasses when you want so badly to see their lovely eyes.

5.  INSPIRATION:  Some thoughts on Inspiration. Great thoughts.  Especially this week talking about getting out of ruts!  I especially like the advice to do something different.  Routine can be wonderful and harmful.  We all need a little shake up somewhere in our day or week to expose ourselves to new things or activities that help us think differently.

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