Weeks Top Review

Lovely finds this week.  Enjoy!


1.  EQUIPMENT: What camera should I buy? I get asked this all the time, and its great to have someone else give their take along with the updates of the most current cameras.

2.  BUSINESS BRANDING: 5.25 Clues that your are the off brand.  Loved Sarah’s post.  Great for any business owner to read 🙂  Speaking of branding, here’s a great slideshow to kick things into gear.

3.  PRICING  How do you know if you’re charging enough/too much.  Another Sarah post, but totally excellent.  I think one of the best points on there was asking yourself the question How do you feel when your clients ask for something that’s a little extra? If you feel defensive or taken advantage of, you are not charging enough. So well put.  When you’re priced effectively you have no problem serving without resentment.  Thats a really good feeling.  And of course win win for everyone.

4.  PHOTO TIP:  How to Avoid Glare on Glasses. Excellent tips!  Nothing like getting a fabulous picture and having glare on someone’s eyeglasses when you want so badly to see their lovely eyes.

5.  INSPIRATION:  Some thoughts on Inspiration. Great thoughts.  Especially this week talking about getting out of ruts!  I especially like the advice to do something different.  Routine can be wonderful and harmful.  We all need a little shake up somewhere in our day or week to expose ourselves to new things or activities that help us think differently.

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  1. Thanks for the branding link, it’s been a sore spot with me for a while. I realize now that I’ve been spending too much time looking at what everyone else is doing and not enough time just doing what “I” should be doing.

  2. Oh Vince. Everyone is guilty of that sometime or another 🙂 For personal branding I found it most especially helpful to not look at the photo industry for anything. My logo and website design were a result of researching corporate brands, and paying attention to my own personal tastes with styles in clothing, interior design, and much more. Totally recommend going the route of what YOU like 🙂

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