Inspired by Life Episode #5

Inspiration can come from many sources.  Today’s source may be a bit of surprise :)

Still Shot Favorites


The appearance of texture in the images is not applied in photoshop, but a result of shooting through the trampoline matt.


The closest I could get to the book photo :)


Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah.  When she was young, her dad promised her that if she could get a month of smiley faces on the calendar (meaning she had been good that day) he would buy her a trampoline.  She never made it more than a few days in a row.  Fortunately her dad had a soft heart and eventually caved into buying a trampoline anyway.  Much better than trying to be good for an entire month straight.

Brooke teaches private photography lessons , online photography classes, as well as seasonal photography classes in Logan, Utah.

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