Weeks Top Review

My favorite picks of the week!  I hope you enjoy as much as I did!


1.  BUSINESS MARKETING HELP:  For anyone who has a blog or website of any kind–who has not already installed Google Analytics… you need to.  This amazing resource tracks every visit that comes to your site, tells you how they got there, how many visits you had, how long people stay on the site, what browsers they are using, what internet speed they have, what your most popular posts or pages are, and a million other super duper helpful things.  Its huge for knowing how people find you and where to invest more of your marketing time and money.  Here’s a fantastic tutorial on how to set it up.

2.  PHOTO EDUCATION:  If you haven’t already heard about Creative Live… then you must know about this great resource!  Chase Jarvis, commercial photographer extraordinaire brings in the worlds top photographers in a variety of styles (wedding photography, family, commercial, video, fashion, food, etc. etc.) And they do this incredible workshop live for two days.  They are seriously amazing workshops that you would normally be paying thousands for.  If you watch it live, its free.  If you want the recording you can purchase it for a minimal fee.  The Tamara Lackey workshop completely altered how I shoot families forever.  Amazing.

3.  PERSONAL GROWTH:  Loved this post by Sarah Rhoades on the 10,000 Hour Rule. I have reflected on this concept many times throughout my life.  Becoming great at a skill takes time.  And its probably one of the #1 frustrations I see in my students.  Their vision and understanding sometime surpasses what they are capable of, simply because the time hasn’t been logged yet for it to become easier 🙂  I’m still putting in my 10,000 hours, but if feels good to get closer and closer.

4.  CHASING DREAMS:  Loved Chase Jarvis’s post on So You Want to Be a Professional.

5.  PERSONAL PLUG:  Yes, I’m putting my own interview with Me Ra Koh in the weeks top review.  Why?  Because its my blog and I can.  Also, because heavens, I spent so many hours writing it that I sure as heck hope someone besides my mom reads it!  Its worth about 5 Magic Monday posts!  And because I am still pinching myself.  Truly an honor.  Truly.

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