Ask and Learn

I feel so honored and sort of surreal right now.

I have an interview featured on Me Ra Koh’s blog!

I have admired Me Ra for so long. I love everything about who she is and the amazing things she is doing for the photography community. Her fabulous teaching appearances on the Nate Berkus show, her amazing newly released Amazon best seller Your Baby in Pictures, and of course, her noteworthy Soar! Scholarship campaign. What a difference this woman is making in the lives of so many people!

Thus my completely humble awe that little ‘ol me would be interviewed and asked to participate in her Ask and Learn from a Professional series on her Soarority Photography Forum.

For any of you who have burning questions about photography, photography business, or personal questions about my own photography approach, I will be crazily answering a million questions tonight from 5-7 p.m. PST on the Soarority Forum. You need to register to participate. Registration is free, and grants you access to not only some truly valuable information but an incredibly supportive community of like minded women.

Hope to see you there! Ask and Learn from a Professional, 5-7 p.m. PST on Soarority!

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