Weeks Top Review

Some favorites from the week.  Hope you enjoy!


1.  ENCOURAGEMENT.  Loved this article by my friend, Jessica “It’s Just My Own”. If you suffer from the comparison syndrome its a must.  A sweet outlook on the small but very significant role we each can play.

2.  TIME MANAGEMENT:  I’m sort of obsessed with efficiency.  To the point that I really start to resent tasks that waste my time and keep me from doing the productive fun creative stuff.  Email has been my hardest hitter.  I can proudly declare that FB takes like a total of 5 minutes of my day, Twitter zero, (I told you I was obsessed with time efficiency)… but email and google reader?  Oh heavens.  Eek.  They must be controlled.  It felt like email was taking years off my life.  I’ve already started implementing some of my own strategies, but still loved this post by Leah, How to Take Control of your Inbox… and especially loved the tips in #3.

3.  MANAGING SOCIAL MEDIA:  Woot Woot!  Can I just say that I was simply ECSTATIC to see that the glorious Jasmine Star took the time to answer my managing time and social media question I asked her all the way to making a video out of it!  And she said my name!  I feel like I got an autograph and a hug all through the internet!  Her points are truly great.  To be honest, I feel overwhelmed by social media and once I saw that she had over 32 THOUSAND FB fans I sort of freaked out wondering how in the world she lives a normal life with the amount of interaction she gets every day.  Enjoy her take.  Its very wise.

4.  ORIGINALITY:  Loved Seths words on Originality.  I tend to hear now and again some interesting complaints from photographers about people who are stealing their ideas, their locations, their whatever.  Now granted, I don’t condone stealing images or text from people’s website (moment of silence), and someday soon I’ll talk about imitation, but for now… I loved the perspective from Seth that all creative thoughts are truly a result of exposure to a lot of great work from other people. And props to the people who give credit to the source of their inspiration.

5.  BRANDING:  Loved this post on Using Emotion In Your Photography Branding. A few years ago I received a fantastic compliment from a workshop attendee.  He told me that he loved how candid my photography was.  Well yippee!  I’ll share with you a little secret I shared with him.  I totally totally take traditional shots.  I have plenty of images of all my subjects smiling and looking at the camera.  I just never ever post them.  I only post the shots I like and want to be known for.  What emotion do you want tied to your photography brand?

2 Responses

  1. Hi friend, thanks for the shoutout. 😉 That article by Leah is so true and so good. I am totally going to *try* to do the 1-hr a thing day. I think it’d make a huge difference to my days. (and, you are even more famous now with the J* shoutout. Can I get yoooour autograph? 😉

  2. I love your weekly review posts! You always find great things- Even if it takes so much of your time with inbox/reader to find them- I think you should know that they are quite inspiring. So thank you for posting these every week.
    I find originality to be very interesting. I had an idea for a photo once, and in the same week I saw the exact photo I dreamed up, and saw a fellow photographer asking people about seeing this certain prop anywhere. I was completely crushed! Until my husband told me of a saying I have never heard before, “No idea is an original idea.” Sounds crazy- but it has really helped me to push my own creativity and -at times- not compare my work to others.

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