Weeks Top Review

Some lovely posts this week:


1.  CREATIVITY.  Did you see Jinky’s last session?  Oh heavens!  It made me so happy and sad.  Happy because it was beautiful and brilliant, and sad that I can never do it because its already been done…and that I didn’t think of it myself.  How I love books.  LOVE LOVE books.  Jinky’s work is phenomenal.

2.  TIME MANAGEMENT:  I’m a time management fanatic.  Anything that helps me get life under control is golden.  Some great resources this week: Why Working from your Email Inbox Doesn’t Work by Charlie Gilkey, and Managing Your Time and Social Media by Leah Rimilett.  I particularly liked Leah’s tip for not working with several windows open at a time (I’m so guilty of this.  I usually have two internet browsers open, each with about 10 plus tabs, plus projects in word, powerpoint, lightroom that I bounce between.  Multi tasking does not always save time.) And finally, Get out of the Ruts Already by Kristin.  She adds in some very “creative and playful” tips for dealing with the distraction temptation.

3.  COPYING and ORIGINALITY.  A fabulous friend just pointed me at this site, Be Your Original Best.  Having totally been a victim of people copying my words, stealing my images, and all that not so cool jazz, I’m all for promoting originality and being organically creative.  If you’d like a great tutorial on how to protect your own images on your blog from being stolen check out THIS POST.

4.  SELF IMPROVEMENT/CREATIVITY/MARKETING:  Another Seth Post, “Bring Me Stuff That’s Dead Please”.  One of my photography role models announced on his blog a few years ago that blogging was dead.  And anyone that was still trying to get business and attention off of blogging was heading down a dead end street.  His declaration made me sad because I actually really like blogging and love to read blogs and sort of felt like I must be a little old fashioned or something.  I’ve waited for Seth Godin’s take for about two years now and I suddenly feel much better.  Thank you Seth.

5.  PHOTOGRAPHY/CREATIVITY:  How to Take Photo’s that Stand Out From the Crowd. Excellent read.  I wish more people thought this way.  There would be a revolution in the quality of images we see.  But since most people with a camera are inherently lazy, if you follow these tips you’ll totally stand out from the crowd.  For sure.

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