Weeks Top Review

Some fabulous reads.  Enjoy!

1.  FINDING YOUR OWN PERSONAL PHOTOGRAPHY STYLE:  How I Got Back To Who I Am by Aileen Riley.  Excellent thoughts.

If there is one thing I wish I could change about the photography industry, it would be this.  Finding your own style–of course is a journey, and oft times begins with immitation of those you admire–but far too few actually make the effort to find what they can uniquely contribute and see in their own perspective, always chasing after the trend and allure of everyone else.  It took me a few years to figure out what path was mine, but once I realized I had a path… it made all the difference.

2.  FINDING INSPIRATION Jonathan Canlas responds on formspring.

I would include all the same thoughts I did on #1.

3.  CREATIVITY:  Loved this session by Megan the first time she posted it last year.  It was fun to see it again.  Perhaps its my personal friendship with limes?  So fun and clever.

4.  AWESOME BOOK:  Me Ra Koh just announced her new book on photographing your babies first year.  Perfect for the pro or hobbiest photographer. So wish I would have had this!  Especially since I had no clue what to expect as far as milestones go or how to photograph babies (never got that talent).  Be sure to watch the fabulous trailer!

5.  TRADE SECRETS:  Loved the following promo video for Sue Bryce.  Pay particular attention to how the hair dryer helps her subjects have that feeling of movement and energy for their hair as well as her awesome HUGE WHITE BOARDS that she uses for catch lights and bouncing light onto the subject in a otherwise fairly dark room.

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