The Gals of The DIY Dish

I’ve never been crafty or domestic.

It was with great pride that I accepted my “Best use of Leftovers” award the summer of 1994 after enduring my mom’s cooking competition to excite all us kids about learning the ropes in the kitchen. My sister has never let me forget that the “leftovers” I used was a theft of her own great concoction, and thus demeaning my recognition to the rightful heir.

I spent most of my summers recruiting the excuse of “I must practice the piano” to get out of all work in the garden, and I think I noticed my mom hang her head in shame when at 21 years of age I chose to serve a mission for my church in Canada and she mustered a last ditch effort to try to teach me how to sew on a button…a frightful discovery of my own hack job of red thread knotted up in a make-shift replacement of the black button of my black coat.

I needed help.

One major element was missing from all these failed attempts.


I didn’t really WANT to learn any of those things.

Well, please enter my fabulous discovery of the The DIY Dish.

I had the pleasure of photographing these incredibly talented and domestic twin sisters in their studio for the Where Women Create Magazine.

Something happened as I began to watch their webisodes of simple crafts.  Not only was I allured by their charm and absolute witty humour and sunshine, but the cold crafty heart of mine started to melt.  And what do you know… Brooke started to desire to participate!

I’m buying a sewing machine. Its in my amazon cart.

This is proof these girls are magic.

No surprise then that they’ve already been featured on the Nate Berkus Show and are fabulous regulars on Studio Five.  They’re melting hearts and helping people all over the world see their own crafty potential as well.





I’ve been wanting to make bookshelves out of books for years.  I finally have an idea of where to begin 🙂



Brooke Snow is a Lifestyle photographer in Cache Valley, Utah. She actually has improved immensely in the kitchen since 1994.  She can cut vegetables with swiftness, make meals from scratch, and even grinds wheat to make her own bread!  Lest you be unduly impressed, truth be told, she is also very blessed to have a husband who has assumed all responsibility for grocery shopping and most of the cooking.  A little known secret to success.

Brooke teaches private photography lessons , online photography classes, as well as monthly photography classes in Logan, Utah.

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  1. Go Brooke! I knew that heart would melt sometime. Someone as artistic as you can’t help themselves from being creative in many areas…like cooking and sewing, crafting and designing whatever. You find that what you have in your mind just isn’t out there to buy and so you need to make it yourself. Plus, the satisfaction level soars when it is your own creation.

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