Group Shot: {Family Life Project 52}

Theme: Group Shot

This weeks Family Life photo focuses on relationships and calls for a group photo. (To read about this project CLICK HERE.)

Given that I left this to last minute again, our group is missing the dad.  But I was rather delighted that I pulled off a group shot by ourselves!  The remote was a big hit with Buzzy, and only $10 on amazon!  Best $10 ever for making this type of activity possible!



Playing with the toy trains.

Seriously, he LOVED the remote!  He thought it was hilarious that he could push the button and the camera would take a shot.  He would laugh out loud with delight AFTER each shot instead of before!  But for rigging something up without total control, I think it was wonderful 🙂

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  1. What camera are you using with thatremote? I think I remember you posting that you have a D700? I have a D300 which doesn’t say that it is supported. I just wanted to know if it worked for you anyways.

    1. Hi Tiffany! I shot these images with my D7000 (my family camera). I do have the d700 as well, and I don’t really know if its supported by the remote or not?!

  2. Love it!

    And I also want to say that I loved your article on originality today on Fuel Your Photography. I so needed to hear those things right now. And the CS Lewis quote – so perfect! I’m going to save it to so that I can reread it on one of those days when I’m feeling discouraged.

    1. Hey! Thank you Sara! I’m glad you liked the article! I have to remind myself of those same things all the time!

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