Trading Thoughts

I was just about to push “send” on my amazon order… the one that has been sitting there for weeks as I scruntinously read every single review on an item (yes, I’m that person!).  After I thought everything was finally complete, I paused.

I had a thought enter my mind.

And maybe I’m completely crazy, and I’ve near enough talked myself out of this several times already, but I just have a feeling that I should voice my thought here on my blog.

I was about to buy a crib, a jogging stroller, and a bike trailer for baby Snow, when it occurred to me that maybe there is someone (or more than one someone) out there who really wants to take my classes or private lessons but can’t afford to…BUT… they do have one of these items in good condition that they don’t need any longer.  I would be happy to negotiate a trade if you find yourself in this situation.  If you’re interested, please send an email to

If I don’t hear from anyone by Wednesday morning, I’ll push the “send” button on my amazon order and go about my original plan.  Have a happy weekend!

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